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Top recommended Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Using pure sine wave inverter, you can also power precision electrical appliances products. Therefore, we will introduce types and choices of pure sine wave inverters, recommended products, recommended manufacturers, etc. If you are planning to purchase a sine wave inverter, please use this article as your guide and as a reference.

Types and Selection of Sine Wave Inverters

Sine wave inverter Convert from a DC power source especially from 12V or 24V battery and produces AC 100 V- 220 V for household appliances and also as a power source for cars, camping and disasters e.t.c However, if you try to use a precision electrical product, it may become unstable or not work. In that case, a sine wave inverter is recommended. 

Pure sine wave inverter faithfully produces electricity from DC to AC 100V – 220V, so it can operate on any electrical product. And also, it is a bit expensive because the mechanism to create accurate interactions is complex. Depending on the purpose of use, it may be better to choose a cheap inverter that is not a sine wave, so it is necessary to consider carefully. 
        Now am going to introduce the types and choices of pure sine wave inverters, recommended products, manufacturers, how to use, recommended watt etc. Use this as a guide when selecting an inverter.

Types of inverters

In order to create that alternating current from direct current, a complicated mechanism is required. The more faithful you try to reproduce the interaction, the more expensive it becomes. 
        In this case, we have two types of inverters: “Square Wave Inverter” and “Modify Sine Wave Inverter”, which are low in price but insufficient to reproduce AC, and “Sine Wave Inverter” that reproduces AC faithfully. 

Next, we will introduce the types of sine wave inverters we want. 

The sine wave inverter has a product that takes power from a cigarette lighter and a product that takes it directly from a battery. If you take electricity from the cigar socket, the output power is limited. Products with an output power of more than 300W often take electricity directly from the battery.

How to choose an inverter with sine wave form

We introduced the type of inverter and the type of sine wave inverter that is one of them. From here, we will introduce how to choose each type. Please read while thinking which inverter suits you.

How to choose an inverter

The choice of inverter type depends on the electrical product used. When using a product with a built-in motor or a microcontroller-controlled precision electrical product, a sine wave inverter is required. 

On the other hand, if it is an electrical product that does not involve complicated control such as LED lighting, it may be an inverter other than sine wave. 

However, there are many precision products in today’s electric products, even if they look simple, so it is often difficult to distinguish whether a sine wave is necessary or unnecessary. If you feel uneasy even a little, it is recommended to buy a sine wave inverter.

How to choose a sine wave inverter

When using an inverter in a car, we recommend a product that inputs electricity from a cigar socket. However, the power that can be handled by a cigar socket is limited, and should be considered to be at most about 300 W. Also, be careful not to run the battery when the engine is not running. 

When handling power over 300W, connect the cable directly to the battery to input electricity. When using it in a car, it may be better to use a sub-battery, as it may consume more electricity than generating electricity even if the engine is running.

It is recommended to select a product with extra output power

Although electric power products are set to use power, they may suddenly need more power than the rated power at startup or operation. In particular, it is good for movable products such as motors. 

Therefore, when choosing an inverter, it is recommended to choose a product with a larger output power than the rated power of the electrical product you want to use.

pay attention to the sound of the cooling fan

One of the blind spots in the selection is the sound of the cooling fan. The inverter’s cooling fans tend to be noisy due to their small size. You will be anxious at bedtime. In that case, products without a cooling fan are recommended. However, please note that products without cooling fan are limited to products with a low power of 100W.

5 recommended Pure Sine wave inverter

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