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Solar lamp lights


What is solar lamp light

As solar lamp is mainly installed outside, it is essential that the lamps are waterproof and weatherproof. Cleaning must also be systematic to maintain their performance. Moreover, the battery is often the element that deteriorates the fastest. It is therefore essential to regularly check if its power is always optimal. Since the advent of solar energy in the 1990s, many electrical appliances have benefited from this new free and renewable resource. The conversion of sunlight into electricity, also called photovoltaic effect has enabled our century to be less consumptive in conventional energy (oil, electricity, nuclear, etc.). For anecdote it is the conquest of space which allowed to evolve the technology of the solar panels which were at the time uninteresting in term of power of energy and very expensive. Thanks to this advent, some domestic machines have benefited from this technology, including solar lamps.

The solar lamp is a set of three elements, consisting of one or more bulbs, connected to a rechargeable battery which is itself powered by a solar panel by the effect of heat transformation into electricity. Currently, solar lamps are most often used outdoors because of their total autonomy, to illuminate gardens, storefront but also streets and roads. Initially seen as a fad, they are very practical and economical. The current choice on the models and brand of solar lamps and so immense, that it is today difficult to find oneself.

The operation of a solar lamp

During the day, sunlight is captured by the photovoltaic sensors integrated in the solar lamp. This energy is stored during the day and released at night to illuminate the LEDs of the solar lamp. You just have to choose places that are clearly visible and exposed to the sun, and therefore ensure that the solar collector is not in a shaded area. The solar lamp is an LED lamp that does not run on electricity. The lamp therefore contains no cables and does not have to be connected to a power outlet. There is a small solar panel on the solar lamp. This solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into energy. This energy is then stored in the battery that is in the lamp. A fully charged battery lasts approximately 4 days. Then when it gets dark, the lamp comes on automatically. The lamp lights automatically thanks to the built-in twilight switch. Because the lamp burns on solar energy, you must keep in mind that the lamp does not work as well in winter. The sun does not shine or is less bright and it is dark for longer.

Motion sensor

Some solar lamps are equipped with a motion sensor. When it is dark, the lamp comes on automatically, but whenever there is movement, the lamp burns brighter. This is ideal for, for example, the lighting of a garden route. Because the lamp only glow brighter if there is any movement, the battery lasts longer. During the days with less sunlight, the lamp can still stay lit at night.


The solar lamp is best placed in a place where the lamp can receive a lot of direct sunlight. The more sunlight, the fuller the battery is charged. never place the solar lamp in the shade, such as under a tree. The solar lamp actually works the same as a solar panel on the roof: the more sun, the more energy.

Types of solar lamps Light

Solar lamps are mainly used as garden lighting. Many people find the appearance of their garden important, so there is a wide range of solar lamps. There are solar lanterns, solar lanterns, solar stones and standard garden lights. Above you see a number of examples of solar lamps. The current market is so diverse that you will discover a very wide range of solar lamps. There will be something for all tastes and for all budgets, you will choose your lamp according to the utility you are looking for. In general, they are domestic and professional. In the professional range, there are street lamp models capable of illuminating large areas, and often very powerful solar field lamps they are available only at particular distributors.

Then there is the set of solar lights for all public: those that are portable for your expeditions, campsites and other outings in kind; and those that are garden most common often decorative: to plant in your yard, perching on a wall or tree and indoor lighting that are sold in kit allowing you to replace your traditional bulbs, its lamps however require some connections . Finally, there are the solar lamps for your safety, those that light for example by a motion detector. In short the choice is multiple, think to buy a good brand that has standard elements easy to replace in order to have a solar lamp that will last long enough.

How to choose a solar lamp?

Lighting has always been the most energy-intensive job. The use of solar lamps has become for many homes, companies or administration obvious. You will choose a solar lamp first of all according to its power, measure the power of an LED in watts, the higher it is illuminated. With the advent of LEDs, its new low-energy light-emitting bulbs, a solar lamp takes on average up to half a day However it depends on the amperage of the battery present, the higher the amperage, the more your lighting will hold For a long time, always check the power of the battery and the LEDs on the back of your device. The sun is not always at the rendezvous, check that your panels are new generations, that is to say that the photovoltaic cells are able to produce energy even with a radiation not very important, you can perform a simple test on your own, usually with a green light indicating that your lamp is charging. Finally, to avoid surprises, choose brands that have a reputation in this area and not rely on Chinese products that are cheap but not long-lasting.

Also make sure the solar lamp has the following before chosen it

  • it brightens enough with enough power (12 W or more),
  • it has a sufficient autonomy : example, from 11h to 20h the summer and 2h30 the winter after a day of load
  • it  has  LEDs
  • make sure it is resistant to water (stainless steel), especially if it is outside and not in a greenhouse for example
  • it has a solar panel with  anti-UV treatment that extends its life
  • it has a  presence detector and turns off when there is no one (anti light pollution)
  • that it has  batteries that can be replaced.

Why buy a solar lamp?

Are you fed up with bills that keep increasing every month? Invest in a solar lamp. This revolutionary product in addition to being economical will allow you to make an ecological gesture for the planet. Solar is now the cheapest renewable domestic energy compared to the others (wind power, hydro, etc.). In terms of practicality, a solar lamp is easy to install. Fix it against a wall or plant there and voila, you can also take it with you. In terms of longevity, if you invest in a good lamp model, you are guaranteed lighting up to 5 years without any particular maintenance. Nothing is good on eternal, at a given moment your lamp will weaken. Be aware, however, that the device will still be functional if your lamp does not turn on it will be a problem of battery. Indeed, they will not charge anymore after a few years. Your lamp is not unusable. If the battery is standard, simply change it. The solar lamp has also become a trendy garden accessory, to illuminate your garden in the evening do not hesitate to buy its solar peaks that will enhance your yard without any complicated installation.

How to install a solar lamp?

Whether portable, fixing or planting a solar lamp is very easy to install, no need for an electrician. Unless otherwise indicated, simply place the solar panel of your lamp at the sight of the sun, in a high place so that there is no shade and in a clear place without foliage or tree. Always check the recommendations in the user manual before installation. For larger models such as solar streetlights, for example, it is necessary to check the degree of inclination and direction of the panel. Once the device is installed, you just have to wait for it to charge and turn it on in darkness.

For outdoor models they will turn on by themselves because they are equipped with a detector, so be careful not to place them next to light source during the night. Some models are adjustable in intensity and autonomy, to save battery. After a while, your lamp will lose its intensity, first try to clean your solar panel to pass the light properly. If this is a battery problem, consider replacing them.

How a solar lamp saves energy?

By installing solar lights, your garden lighting consumes no electricity from the grid; you save as much on your energy bill.

Benefits of solar lamp

Solar lighting offers a number of advantages. This makes the lamp environmentally friendly. The lamp is not connected to an energy grid and works on solar energy . Partly because of this, the lamp is also cost effective, since you do not have to pay any electricity costs. No cabling is required either. Cabling in the garden can sometimes be tricky and look messy. Finally, the solar lamp is also very practical. The lamp comes on automatically and can be placed anywhere, as the lamp is not wired. Solar Lamp Easy to Operate: lighting is the first application of solar Stand Alone, the easiest to operate and the most widespread: the evolutionary technology of low consumption LEDs, batteries, electronic regulations and the improvement of solar panels yield allow more and more autonomy.

Solar Lamp Easy to Install : it allow all types of installation, simple, without cable or trench, they can be planted, fixed, moved, whatever the configuration of your garden, even under shelter, inside or in bad exposure thanks to solar lamps with remote panels.  The Solar lamp use a clean and inexhaustible energy: solar light consists of particles called photons that are projected continuously on our planet, when projected on a solar panel , they allow an electric production that we like to describe as “magic”, without repercussions on the environment, Solar lighting is a gesture for the planet, for a sustainable development.

Solar Lighting Operate Free: Solar Garden Lamps operate with solar energy Free, independently, and allow you to reduce your power consumption, for energy savings.

Automatic Solar Lighting: Garden Solar Lights work independently,  automatically turning on at night with their twilight sensor without constraint.

Solar Security Light:  the solar projectors or sensors solar movement secure your homes or buildings, these solar lamps light up as soon as a presence is detected, which discourages intruders and animals.

Indoor solar lighting: solar lighting kit or solar  lighting for sheds  to easily illuminate your second homes, garden huts, greenhouses, chicken coops, barns etc …, independently and saving energy.

Nomadic solar lighting: lighting is a basic essential need,  nomadic solar lamps let you take the sunlight with you wherever you are, hiking, in the desert or in the forest …

Solar Lighting Powerful : terminals, solar street lights solar power , according to your expectations, your budget for those who wish to enlighten themselves with the solar, or in professional solar lighting of camping, Hotels ..

Solar decorative objects like solar table lamps and lanterns, solar animals and subjects in your gardens, floating solar balls or pricked in your turf …, let your imagination go, they animate and bring life, charm and atmosphere in your gardens. ….

Prices solar lamps

The prices of solar lamps vary widely. For example, lamps are available for as little as € 10, but there are also real lamp stores that sell the lamps for € 70. Quality does play a role in this. More expensive lamps generally have a better battery, so the lamp burns longer and lasts.

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights are increasingly appreciated by gardeners and decorators. These are indeed objects that are very decorative and thanks to their solar panel do not require any connection as in the past. The first models, appeared sold there are still 5 or 6 years were very unattractive. 

The Solar Hybrid Garden Lighting Lamp,  An innovative solar garden lights 
The solar hybrid garden lamp is equipped with two batteries, a lithium battery powered by solar energy and an alkaline backup battery that takes over automatically in case of solar battery discharge. Electronic control automatically switches off the LEDs after 6H after switching on by the twilight sensor. 

What is the use of a solar garden lamp?

A solar garden lamp allows you  to illuminate and lighten your garden or the outside space of the house in a well economic and aesthetic way. A solar garden lamp always has a small solar panel and a small battery to restore night light by  LEDs at night .

Decorate of garden with solar lights

Solar lighting

What is Solar Lighting?

It is by capturing solar energy using solar panels that the luminaires are supplied with electricity. The energy accumulated during the day is diffused and stored in batteries that will activate at night to generate light. This process is always functional even if the sun’s rays are weak, but the restored light will not be at its optimum. It is obvious that the intensity of the lighting depends on the amount of light accumulated during the day.

installation of solar lighting

The solar lighting installation depends on the models, but the rule to follow is to always put them in place in a sunny place. Generally these devices already include a battery and a sensor . Their installation does not require much know-how or special connections. Beacons are for example simply stuck in the ground, solar pavers recessed along paths or at the edge of pools, spots mounted on the walls. It is also possible that the leds are installed in series and here, the voltages of the solar panels are added to each other to charge the batteries that will power these lamps.

Different types of solar lighting

Many solar lighting models are currently on the market, and each responds to a specific use:

  • The solar street lamp : ideal for lighting a terrace to diffuse a circular mood light.
  • Solar spots : practical for creating a more developed and personalized ambient lighting, and can be installed at the foot of a tree or in massifs.
  • Markers : which are perfect for illuminating an alley.
  • Solar garden lights: These fall into two broad categories, including self-igniting models that activate after dark, and motion-activated ones, which light up when someone passes by.
  • Solar wall lights: which are to fix on a wall to light an entrance or a garage.
  • Also Solar decorative lamps : which are offered in various forms and designs such as lanterns, flowerpots or cubes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Solar Lighting

The success of solar lighting is growing with the public because of its benefits. Manufacturers on their side continue to offer ever more innovative and interesting models. Here are its main advantages:

Advantages of Solar Lighting

  • Solar lighting is easy to use and perfectly autonomous. It also takes advantage of LED technology which is well known for its lighting quality and low consumption. Finally, the batteries are more and more powerful to ensure autonomy of several hours.
  • It is an easy to install system that requires no electrical connection.
  • It is also an ecological lighting system that exploits the inexhaustible and natural energy of the sun.
  • Solar lighting lamps are made to withstand outdoor conditions, and do not require too much maintenance.

Disadvantages of Solar Lighting

  • The intensity of the light depends exclusively on the intensity of the sunlight, if it is low during the day, the light will be restored as well. It can even be zero in winter.
  • Replacing a solar battery can be a significant investment. Sometimes the reference sought may not be available on the market, so the whole lamp must be changed.

The price of solar lighting

The price of solar lighting varies according to the brand, the manufacturer, the model and also the quality. The prices mentioned below are only approximate values ​​that represent the average costs proposed on the market.

  • Solar garden spot: between 10 € and 40 €
  • Markup bollard between 10 € and 30 €
  • Solar garden lamp post: between 30 € and 90 €
  • Solar wall light between 30 € and 70 €
  • Then Solar lamp with motion detector: between 20 € and 50 €
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