Best 3000 watt power inverter

3000 watt power inverter with pure sine wave is specifically designed for use with high power charging devices and electrical devices.

The construction of this power inverter provides high performance along with safe and durable operation. It can be used for domestic or commercial applications and is capable of operating a small AC unit, air compressor or sump pump. 3000 watt power inverter can be connected with the input of 12 and 24 volt vehicle, standalone or solar power system battery.

Products Name View Peak Price
Krieger 3000 Watt power inverter 6000 watts Check Price
Energizer 3000 Watt power inverter 6000 watts Check price
AIMS Power
3000 Watt power inverter​
6000 watts Check price
Tripp Lite 3000W Power inverter 6000 watts Check price
VertaMax PURE SINE WAVE 3000 Watt power inverter​ 6000 watts Check price
Xantrex 815-3012 Freedom SW Series 3000 Watt power inverter 6000 watts Check price

Krieger 3000 Watt 12V Power Inverter


Bestek the leading brand of power inverters of America and  the best-selling current inverter at Amazon. Provides 2000 Watts DC and 4600W DC direct current with three 110V outputs.

BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter 3 AC Outlets DC 12V to 110V AC Car Power Keep your electronic devices fully charged or on the road with the. Ideal for daily use or longer trips in the car, this handy mobile inverter plugs into the cigarette receptacle of your vehicle’s dashboard or connects to your car’s battery to provide enough power to small electronic devices.
BESTEK 2000W Power Provides a total power of 2000W with 3 AC power outlets to drive those Ac household units and 1hp pool pumps or operate a garage (flood lights, a television, a freezer, a refrigerator, rechargeable devices, etc.)
Controlled with numerous safety functions to prevent damage to your equipment, including an audible overload alarm with LED light, a power switch, a high-speed cooling fan and an input and output system soft start, over voltage protection and output.


  • High Quality & Durable Material
  • Multi Protection
  • Can be plugged in to cigarette socket



  • There are buyers who indicate that the cables to connect it to the battery are a bit short, which can cause inconvenience.


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